So we just released a thing

We recorded this back in November 2019. The pandemic happened. Then we released it. Then the pandemic continued to happen. Then we started gigging again. Then stuff happened internally. But RJTV happened, and we met the brilliant Prince of Sax, Ian Jacinto. So we rerecorded it. Then SM Megamall happened.

And finally, here it is.


We have a lot of people to thank.

Our brilliant mixing engineer Audry Dionisio, and our mastering engineer Ely Buendia (like we need to introduce this guy) of Crow’s Nest Studio.

Ced Concepcion of Studio 222.

Ian Jacinto for completing my vision for the song.

Milo Ibrado of RJTV for that fateful Let’s Groove episode that made it all happen.


SM MEGAMALL for helping make the music video location possible. Check out the #MegaChristmasInSpace display over at the G/F Fashion Hall, which is where we shot the video. Only runs until December 25!


And to BJ, Peter, and Japo for still being here no matter what.

– A.

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